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Prometheus....answers, answers....
Given the slightly underwhelming reception Ridley Scott's long awaited Alien (1979) prequel has received, the director has spoken out to answer some of the Prometheus (2012) head-scratchers. Unfortunately, who tea-leafed the scares and wrote the cheesy dialogue were not questions that were knocked on the head. But speaking to Empire Magazine Scott did kick some of the other question marks into touch.
The main grey area tackled was the odd opening scene with the Engineer downing a pot of the black liquid; Scott called it "a donation. Its fundamentally creation". After downing the dark stuff the Engineer's DNA deconstructs and flows into the water. We can thus assume this creates life, our life. But the planet this happens on is not Earth.
However, Scott did confirm that the Engineers have apparently visited Earth many times over millions of years upgrading mankind in various areas, in body, in mind. Why the Engineers now want to return to Earth to destory mankind remains a puzzler though.
Screenwriter Damon Lindelof then tackled the subject of android David (Michael Fassbender) stating that he is a puppet of the Weyland Corporation but with his own burgeoning agenda. He was also created by Weyland as a male version of Vickers (Charlize Theron), a sort of low-blow by Weyland to his disapproving daughter. Lindelof also confirmed that it was on Weyland's command that David spiked Holloway's champagne with the black liquid, causing him to mutate. Perhaps to kick start the alien creation process? We are left to speculate about the ultimate motive.
Shedding a little more light is the newly released Prometheus: The Art of the Film book. Picking up on the film's coda, the Alien-esque creature seen in the final moments is, as most of us expected, a prototype of the beast that Ripley later encounters. A concept sketch shows it heading back to the crashed U shaped ship, implying that the ultimate combo that creates the Alien is a combination of DNA from humans, the Engineers and that massive tentacled Kraken like squid seen in the film's last act.
Hardly the mass fog clearing most of us were hoping for. Still, fingers, toes and tentacles crossed for a soon-to-be-released second prequel that cuts through the cornbread.
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