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Halloween On The Horizon
Back in late May meteorologists announced that Britain was in the middle of a ten year down-turn in summer weather. The recent years of drizzly Julys were just the beginning; we still had half a decade more to go. But no sooner had SAD sufferers packed their cases for sunnier climes, the sun put his hat on and delivered one of the best summers in recent memory.
One of the best things about a decent summer is the transition to Autumn. The mornings turn misty, the evenings grow dark, the leaves extend their colour palette to a fantastic array of reds, yellows and browns. Cosy sofa nights are a welcome change to sweaty sleeps on top of the sheets. But best of all the whole period is topped off by All Hallows Eve, an excuse for the film fan to feast on fattening snacks and horrifying movies.
If you enjoy the terrifying side of cinema there’s no finer excuse for a marathon of scary movies. Halloween is our Easter and Christmas rolled into one, without an unwelcome relative of sprout in sight. Light up a pumpkin, pop some beers in the fridge, turn off the lights, grab a cushion to hide behind; its fright film nirvana for those of us who linger a little too long in the HMV horror section. Here at FilmsFilmsFilms we’ll be making the most of the season by adding a new frightful article to the FFF Library and slashing our way through the Friday the 13th franchise in a retrospective review of the best slice and dice saga. We’ll also be looking at the best of what the country has to offer in the way of Halloween happenings, showings and events.
So to make the most of your Halloween season make sure to drop by FilmsFilmsFilms in the run up to the thirty-first.
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