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FilmsFilmsFilms...We'll Be Back...


"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool" offered the much missed Phillip Seymor Hoffman in Almost Famous (2000). And FilmsFilmsFilms has been seriously uncool for three years now. Back in April 2012 we offered up our first article as a riposte to modern movie reporting that had written itself into a discouraging corner. Three years on we've added 34 articles to our library designed to help you build your own great movie collection.


Winding back the clock to 2012 there were two equally depressing sides to film reporting. In one corner there was the traditional press. Desperate not to fall behind their non-traditional online counterparts, they offered up as many "movie exclusives" and "film previews" as they could cram on to their covers. These previews amounted to a whole lot of nothing though, overpaid actors and directors espousing how wonderful it was to be working together, how great the resulting film would be, but offering not one single revelatory detail about said film thanks to non-disclosure contracts. And most of the time these pointless previews led to skewed reviews; you could hardly put Twilight (2008) on your magazine cover after months of grovelling to Catherine Hardwicke only to trash her film in an honest review five months later.


In the other corner there was the non-traditional media, carried forth by the internet. The real magic of the world-wide-web is that it’s given everyone a voice; the down side is that it’s given everyone a voice. Sadly, there is still a striving amongst a lot of people to be different, individual, cool, whether it’s a hip new beard or a "one-of-a-kind" tribal tattoo. How this materialised in movie reporting across untold blogs, Facebook accounts and discussion forums was a sea of Contrary-Mary's, people declaring good films were rubbish simply to take the opposite stance to the "masses" and provoke a reaction. The waters of film reporting were truly muddied; you didn't know what films to go see on the weekend and what ones to avoid.


With the obvious caveat that one person’s awful film could well be someone else's favourite, solid guidance on movie fare is essential advice for the film fan in the twenty-first century. For many of us, spare cash is precious, and spare time is an even rarer commodity. It's therefore vital to have some sort of accurate steer as to what to spend your money on during those few spare hours in the working week.


With no advertising or film preview paymasters to worry about, and with no aspirations to be hip or "different", FilmsFilmsFilms sought to unashamedly champion those movies it felt were worth spending time with. And we embraced all movies, not just the trendy ones, the award winners or the box offices money makers. If a film had been a fun companion for a couple of hours, we gave it fair coverage.


Three years on the mainstream media and bloggersphere remain unchanged. Magazine previews of Jurassic World and Jupitar Ascending set them up as the greatest films since Citizen Kane whilst simultaneously telling you next to nothing about them. Facebook updates tell you Interstellar is "shit...just cos it is bruv". Meanwhile FilmsFilmsFilms have championed 340 movies that we loved, featuring everything from chick flicks and disaster movies, to blaxploitation films and alternative Christmas pics. And we hope that our readers have discovered their delights as well; few things in life provide the escapism pick-me-up that a good film does.


Readers may have noticed a drop off in new articles recently though; 11 articles were added in 2013, but only 5 in 2014. For the writers at FilmsFilmsFilms, time has become even more precious than it was before. The time needed to keep up with cinema releases and trawl through the archives for the best films to feature, on top of the writing time required, has reached a peak. And with other writing projects now afoot, the gang here at FilmsFilmsFilms will be taking a break for the foreseeable future. Hopefully the mainstream reviewers and the amateur bloggers will set aside their ulterior motives and offer some genuine assessment as we move into another great movie year, profits and cool be damned.


A quick thank you to all our supporters to date, and to leave as we came in with the great Mr. Seyour Hoffman, "Well, enjoy, and perhaps we'll see you again some time Dude".


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