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Films Films And Me - Part Four

Part four in our Films Films And Me series and we have a movie podcasting legend talk us through some of the key movies in his life, Joseph Henson from the The Hysteria Continues slasher movie podcast. THC is just reaching its ten year anniversary and recently recorded its two-hundredth episode. Taking an entertaining look at the slasher movie genre, each episode is packed with humour and insider info, discussion and debate. 

The trans-Atlantic quartet of Joseph, Nathan, Eric, and Justin have received much praise within the podcasting community for creating one of the best movie podcasts. Across the two hundred plus episodes THC have covered all aspects of the slasher movie from the classics, to the obscure, to remakes, modern slashers, proto-slashers, giallo, krimi, and everything in between. THC have also been commissioned to record numerous film commentaries for classic slasher blu-ray releases from labels including Arrow Video, 88 Films, and Vinegar Syndrome. 

The Hysteria Continues can be found on all good pod-catchers, on Facebook, Twitter, and its own online forum here - . You can also support the show on Patreon to get access to exclusive content and episodes; as FilmsFilmsFilms favourite movie podcast, we highly recommend that you do.

1. The First Film I Saw At The Cinema

I believe it was Friday The 13th Part 3 (1982), that is my earliest cinema memory.

2. Funniest Film I've Seen

I get the most consistent laughs out of the Zucker Abrahams Zucker movie Top Secret! (1984).

3. Scariest Film I've Seen

Films have never really scared me, but the obvious is Black Christmas (1974) the OG. Session 9 (2001), about the guys working to remove all of the asbestos from a recently abandoned mental asylum, freaked me out through excellent sound design and atmosphere. The House With Laughing Windows (1976) is another super creepy movie, a classic Italian giallo but not one that’s particularly well known. More recently The Ritual (2017), about four guys hiking in northern Sweden a year after one of their friends was murdered, managed to really unnerve while also being a somewhat standard "monster on the loose" flick.

4. The Last Film To Make Me Cry

Only one film makes me cry and that is Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987).

5. The Film I Haven't Seen That I Really Should Have By Now

The Raid (2011). It is apparently “just my type” of movie and yet I keep skipping it. I’ll get there one day.

6. The Worst Film I've Sat Through

I've seen a lot of stinkers, but none made my blood boil hotter than Rock of Ages (2012). I absolutely despise musicals.

7. The One Film I've Seen More Times Than Any Other

Probably Commando (1985). I rented the VHS back in the day so much that I eventually had to start renting it from another video store as I broke the tape.

8. My Favourite Film

I’ll have to divide it out between horror and non-horror. So for the horror genre it’s a tie between Black Christmas (1974) and Evil Dead 2 (1987). For non-horror, probably Primer (2004) or Radio Inside (1994).

9. My One Movie Wish

My one movie wish would be to find a treasure trove of all the old VHS tapes I should have bought before they became worth more than oil, at a reasonable cost, of course. I bought a lot of VHS back when they were fading from public consumption, but there are several titles I skipped that are now worth a fortune.


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