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Films Films And Me - Part Five

Part Five in our Films Films & Me series and Tristian C from Arkansas takes us through the key films from his years of movie viewing. 

1. The First Film I Saw At The Cinema

Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (2000) was my first. I was eight and went with my mom. I don't remember much more except that I was big on the Rugrats back in those days.

2. The Funniest Film I’ve Seen

I would have to say Evil Laugh (1986). The dance montage and Johnny's line "Kill Connie! She's upstairs!" still get me.

3.  The Scariest Film I’ve Seen

Tourist Trap (1979). I first saw this movie at the age of nine and didn't know what to think. To this day, Chuck Connors' performance as the killer and the laughing/shrieking mannequins still give me the chills, and the plaster death is as unsettling as ever.

4. The Last Film To Make Me Cry

The last film to make me cry was Psycho 2 (1983). I won't go into details, but the scene where Mary rejects Norman's offer to spend the night at his place is achingly relatable. Throughout the film, I hurt so bad for Norman. He is doing his best to put his life back together while trying to keep his sanity, but constantly being thwarted. I have to admit, I'm quite a softy. There are quite a films I cry to, like Prom Night (1980), Alice Sweet Alice (1976), and Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981).

5. The Film You Haven’t Seen That You Really Should Have By Now

The original version of When A Stranger Calls (1979).

6. The Worst Film You’ve Sat Through

Rob Zombie's Halloween (2007). I watched a few minutes of it with my uncle when I was a teenager. It was the scene that takes place when Michael was being bullied at school. I already wasn't fond of the idea of him having dialogue, but the constant profanity was more than enough. Ten years later, I finally gave both remakes a fair chance and treated them like they were there own little series. Even then, it was an unpleasant experience. The first of Zombie's Halloween films in particular was pure hell. The first hour or so was just so shrill, and Michael's stepfather became my pick for most hated character I'd seen in any movie. I almost called it a night when it got to the scene where the hospital employee and his friend were raping a patient in Michael's room and messing around with his masks. The rape felt very uncalled for and didn't really add anything to the plot, in my opinion.

7. The One Film I’ve Seen More Times Than Any Other 

I'm pretty sure it's The Slumber Party Massacre (1982). I re-watched it quite a bit during my later college years as comfort horror; something to have on as background noise while I was doing my work

8. My Most Underrated Film

I’d have to go with Pete Walker’s Frightmare (1974).

9. My Favourite Film

Because of re-watching it so many times, I became attached to everything about The Slumber Party Massacre (1982), especially the final girls, so it's my favourite film.

10. My One Movie Wish 

I guess my one movie wish would be for movies like The Ghost Dance (1982), an obscure movie that has poor picture quality, to get the blu-ray treatment.


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