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Comicbook Casting Couch
Interesting news from the casting department this week. The X-Men's duo of Sirs, Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart have announced that they are signing on for the second instalment of Matthew Vaughn's X-Men prequel trilogy. Those with just a passing fancy in the X-World might be scratching their heads wondering how the original Prof. Xavier and Magneto can appear in the same movie as X-Men: First Class (2011) standouts James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. But the film's new storyline explains all.
As reported here previously, part two in Vaughn's series will tell the infamous Days of Future Past story. A classic from the Uncanny X-Men comic heyday, the tale includes all manner of time travelling back and forth. A betting man would figure for dual storylines with the young Xavier and Magneto battling in the past to prevent a future in which the current Xavier and Magneto are in hot water. Whether the two duos will meet onscreen depends on the script, but here's hoping for a Charles and Erik quartet.
Hugh Jackman is also circling the project, tentatively titled X-Men: Days of Future Past, and given the Aussie's fondness for donning the adamantium its almost a given that his hairy Logan will be featuring to. Could this be the best X-Movie to date?
In the DC world things aren't quite so rosy. The rumour mill has just churned out the nugget that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been approached to play Batman in DC's The Avengers (2012) beater The Justice League. The news hasn't been met with much enthusiasm. One of the few grumbles around Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises (2012) was the tacked on coda reveal that Levitt's Detective John Blake was Robin, or at least that his actual first name was Robin. The implication was clear; Levitt is the Boy Wonder to be. If not, why even bother with that scene?
Complications abound when you figure that Robin's actual name was Dick Grayson. So is Robin John Blake meant to be the same character as Dick/Robin? More to the point, why would we have Robin popping on the cape and cowl for the Justice League if Bruce Wayne is still around? In the heft of Batman comic history Robin has only once stepped up to the Batman plate, in 2009's Batman and Robin limited series. But this was after Bruce Wayne was presumed dead and a lenghty go-round amongst the surviving Waynes had been completed to see who'd get the chance of filling his shoes. Robin won the argument, graduated to Batman status and Bruce's son became the new Boy Wonder. As interesting as this storyline was it seems a stretch that Warner Bros will cover this ground during or before the Justice League's big screen debut. Bruce and Selina better get a bun in the oven quick smart to.
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