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Best Bond: The Results Are In
The competition was tough, the entries were bold, but the grand prize has been claimed and the 50 Years of Bond double CD set goes to Chris Woollet from Milton Keynes. Here are his winning choices:
Best Bond – It has to be Connery and it’s got nothing to do with being the first. Michael Keaton was the first big-screen Batman, but it doesn’t mean he’s the best. Sean is number one because when you add up all the aspects of Bond’s persona he comes out on top. Best at delivering the payoff lines, most suave, best in a fight, deadliest with the Walther, best at wooing the ladies, he tops all the lists.
Best Bond Girl – For years I thought that Carole Bouquet from For Your Eyes Only (1981) was born a man. We all heard the rumours, Bond girl had sex change, and for the longest time I foolishly assumed it was this French beauty that had gotten the big snip. Worryingly, I still thought he / she was gorgeous. So imagine my relief when I discovered years later that it was one of the background girls in the swimming pool scene that had turned soprano. For this wonderful reprieve Carole gets my vote.
Best Bond Villain – Scaramanga, what a man. Owned his own island, had three nipples, had a dwarf for a butler and wielded the most awesome weapon ever seen on screen, a solid gold pistol made from a pen and a cigarette lighter. Best of all though he was the only Bond baddie who didn’t have some bollocks crazy scheme on the go. He was just going after Bond for the sheer hell of it all. Bravo sir!
Best Bond Theme – Lets be honest, the only artist ever to perform a Bond theme that has any sort of genuine musical pedigree is Paul McCartney (although in the middle of his crap Wings phase). Live and Let Die is therefore head and shoulders above all other Bond themes as a piece of music that you can listen to whether you’re in a Bond mood or not.
Best Bond Moment – I just couldn’t choose one, but my reasons for my double choice are the same. The car jump from The Man With The Golden Gun (1974) and the dam bungee from Goldeneye (1995). Two of the craziest most brilliant pieces of stunt work every captured on film.
Best Bond MovieTomorrow Never Dies (1997); film was crap but I manage to cop off with my then girlfriend in the back row for the entire third act. Bond would have been proud.
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