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Another Glorious Day In The Corps

It takes a special kind of film to pull together a nigh-on full cast reunion twenty eight years after the movie was first released. Aliens (1986) is just that kind of movie, and with the three decade marker approaching the principal cast of James Cameron’s masterpiece gathered together this past weekend for a one-of-a-kind Aliens convention in Calgary.

Fans from around the globe (including UK Colonial Marines Andrew Clark, Darren Kemp, and “Abe T Alien” pictured above) headed to Canada for the Aliens EXPOsed event which managed to pull off the biggest cast Aliens reunion to date. The cast themselves enthralled aficionados at a lively question and answer panel session before posing for photographs with a lucky few. What was clear from both sides of the panel table during the event was the love for Aliens, a devotion and respect that is equally strong in cast and fan alike

Genre films, rather unfairly, have to go the extra mile to stand out as classic pieces of cinema. It simple isn’t enough to be great; genre movies have to be almost once in a lifetime events to receive deserved recognition. Cameron’s sci-fi/action/horror picture had its work cut out. Following on from Ridley Scott’s Alien (1979) Cameron not only matched his predecessor he went one better and bested it, effectively turning Alien into a prequel, a starter to Aliens more gut-busting main course. The film quickly became a legitimate contender for a spot in the list of top ten movies of all time. For the likes of Citizen Kane (1941) and Schindler’s List (1993) inclusion is fairly assured; Aliens had to work much harder though to blow away critics sneery attitude to towards science fiction horror. Cameron’s ace-in-the-hole was having one of the finest casts assembled.

What a joy it was then to see so many of them to reunite. With a couple of exceptions (William Hope – Gorman, Al Matthews – Apone) all of the principals were in attendance for the expo and were on great form throughout, including leading lady herself Sigourney Weaver. With so many of them in fine shape, minds wander to the inevitable “what if” that is the chance of a proper follow-up to Cameron’s masterpiece. With apologies to The Godfather Part II (1974), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) and The Dark Knight (2008), the greatest sequel of all time really is long overdue a Ripley “Alien 3 and Resurrection were all a dream” part three, set on Earth as the initial Alien 3 (1992) trailer promised. We can but dream.

Photo - left to right:

Paul Reiser - Carter J. Burke

Jenette Goldstein - Vasquez

Mark Rolston - Drake

Sigourney Weavery - Ripley

Ricco Ross - Frost

Michael Biehn - Hicks

Carrie Henn - Newt

Lance Henriksen - Bishop

Bill Paxton - Hudson


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1 franjoocon  
I saw the video of this Expo reunion a couple of days ago and it was great!. Paxton and all the guys were really funny. The Glover cameo cracked me up!.
Great movie and characters that will live forever in our memories. Thanks for uploading this!

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