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I know, I know; FilmsFilmsFilms was meant to be on a hiatus. It would take something monumental to stir us back into action. And this week the Academy offered up something truly shocking, even by their standards.

Most years the Oscars give someone or something the sort of cold shoulder treatment that raises a few eyebrows. In exceptional years the Academy really stirs the pot and gives two major snubs. But for the 2015 ceremony the Academy has excelled itself by flat out ignoring three of 2014's biggest and best movie happenings.

We’ve already championed Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar as one of the greatest films of all time( Its lack of Oscar nod ... Read more »

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"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool" offered the much missed Phillip Seymor Hoffman in Almost Famous (2000). And FilmsFilmsFilms has been seriously uncool for three years now. Back in April 2012 we offered up our first article as a riposte to modern movie reporting that had written itself into a discouraging corner. Three years on we've added 34 articles to our library designed to help you build your own great movie collection.

... Read more »

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There was a great irony in our household this week. As I opened the first Christmas card of the season and read its “peace and goodwill to one and all” message I couldn’t help but notice my visual backdrop, a Sky News story showing mercenary shoppers scrambling over cheap and cheaply made television sets like starving rats scrapping over a slice of diseased meat. In this season of benevolence and generosity it was behaviour as far removed from goodwill as it’s possible to get.

Starring at the TV, I couldn’t work out what was more shocking, the supermarket scrums or the fact that I wasn’t surprised. In varying degrees of intensity, its behaviour I’m now used to seeing on a daily basis, whether on the roads during the morning commute, or in the media news coverage of “religion told me to do it” human-on-human violence. Its behav ... Read more »

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Belated as always, this year’s FilmsFilmsFilms Halloween movie marathon was a romp through the vast swathe of horror film repeat offenders. And there’s nothing horror fans like more than getting offended, in a good way. With scary cinema offering up more re-treads than any other film genre we really were spoilt for choice.

The horror remake is almost as old as cinema itself, tracing its roots all the way back to Universal’s Dracula (1931) and its fresh take on F.W. Murnau’s Bram Stoker adaptation Nosferatu (1922). Our marathon didn’t head back as far as that though when it kicked off at 1pm, instead journeying back to 1982 for not just one of the best horror remakes ever, but one of the greatest movie remakes of all time, The Thing (1982).

John Carpenter was riding high in the early eighties, elevated by a numbe ... Read more »

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It was Christmas come early for Marvel movie fans this week as the studio made a surprise announcement, spilling the beans on their cinematic master plan for the next five years. At a special event for invitees only Marvel rolled out their A-listers to provide enough news to satisfy even the hungriest film fan, Robert Downey Jnr. and Chris Evans among those lapping up the enthusiastic hoots and hollers. But with such a long, packed schedule now laid out, have Marvel showed their hand too early?

Hot movie news is always exciting, especially for a franchise so beloved as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Us aficionados can't wait for the next film or casting announcement to whet our appetites for future film delights. But the slab of news released this Tuesday was so vast you wonder if Marvel have held anything back to keep us interested down the line. The official sch ... Read more »

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"Most of my nightmares involve me forgetting my lines in a stage play" offered Robert Englund when quizzed on the contents of his own bad dreams. For many people it brought to their attention the fact that Englund was in fact a classically trained stage actor. For others it just reminded them that embodying Freddy Krueger for so many years meant the actor wasn't likely to have the razor fingered killer stalking him in his sleep; the lucky bastard.

Despite turning in a performance of such brilliance it would see him type-cast for the rest of his career, Englund wasn't the first choice for Freddy. Horror perenial and veteran actor David Warner (he of lost bonce in The Omen (1976)) had been cast by director Wes Craven. But when scheduling conflicts cropped up Englund, best known as the character Willie from the television space drama V, nabbed the part. It was a role that ... Read more »

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Normally when fanboys get their knickers in a twist its nothing but a bellow of pointless hot air spewed forth on a subject that isn't worth getting riled up about in the first place. This is a shame, as when the fans do voice a worthwhile opinion it gets shot down as more typical aficionado drivel. But this week news of the upcoming part three in the Ghostbusters franchise saw fans take to forums to have their say on some very emotive topics.

Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray, teasing fans at the Spike Awards in 2010...we can but dream...

For those that missed it, writer/director Paul Feig announced last week that Ghostbusters III would feature an all female line-up. Leading the charge would be funny-fem of the moment and star of the comedy hit Bridesmaids (2011) Melissa MCarthy. Despite the tragic passing of founder member Harold &q ... Read more »

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The emails have been sent and the industry contacts have been tapped up. And with the incoming responses collated here's what you can expect from your cinema and television purveyors to keep you entertained during the Halloween season. Keep checking back here for regular updates as and when we receive replies.

- Cineworld continue to offer a cinematic experience more attuned to the real wants of movie fans, something which is great to see from one of the large cinema chains. Offered up is a superb opportunity on Tuesday 28th October to see the classic Ghostbusters (1984) in its 30th anniversary year. With the announcement this week that the long awaited third film in the series will offer a reboot of the series, there's no better time to remind yourself how brilliant the original is; get in quick before its legacy ... Read more »

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Pack away your shorts and t-shirts, get your heating system serviced, and kiss goodbye to late evening sunshine; Autumn has arrived. Whilst its become a national sport to moan about how bad the British summer is, I for one revel in the approach of Autumn and the Halloween set dressing that accompanies it. Bring on the mist, the murk, the bare trees and the biting, frosty air.

Its been championed here before, but there really is no time of the year like October for flavouring up your movie viewing. All summer you've been straining at your TV as the summer sun makes the viewing of any night-time set film an impossible task. No such problems now. Greying skies, turning leaves, misty nights, a nip in the air; it's as if the world outside has becoming a backdrop to the only film genre that can draw additional benefits from a changing of the seasons. The scary movie loves Octob ... Read more »

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An Avengers movie marathon was one of the first suggestions when FilmsFilmsFilms started the day-long movie events two and a half years ago. Thirteen marathons later and with Marvel just one more movie away from completing “phase two” of its cinema conquering grand plan, we finally strike the Avengers off the list.

There was some debate as to which character each member of FilmsFilmsFilms would come as; five identical Captain Americas would be embarrassing. But with only Thor conspicuous by his absence, it was a pretty solid line up; we even had a Hulk. There was also serious discussions over what films to include, with the entire “phase one” tranche of films totalling an backside numbing run time of twelve hours plus. The starting point was clear though, Jon Favreau’s Iron Man (2008).

Despite the new success of Hollywood comic mo ... Read more »

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