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It’s rare for FFF to stray in to television land but when this weeks Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead delivered this generations ‘Who Shot JR?’ moment, as zombie enthusiasts we couldn’t help but join the post show ruckus. And a ruckus there was. No sooner had new villain Negan knocked one out the park, forums, discussions boards and social media started to simmer with the discontent of keyboard warriors.

To be fair to the legion of angry Dead-Heads, there was some justification for their rage. Throughout Season 6 the expectation had been built that a key character would be killed. When it was announced that Negan would be making his debut in the season’s final episode, it was clear that whoever the character was they’d be meeting the blunt end of ‘Lucille’, Negan’s weapon of choice, a barbed wire wrapped baseball ... Read more »

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There’s a moment during the titular dust-up many minutes in to Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice where Bruce Wayne, having flung everything else at Superman, throws an actual kitchen sink at Clark Kent’s head. If only Zack Snyder’s film had the intelligence to recognise the sublime irony in this. Smart BvS certainly is not; gloriously failed and magnificently messy it certainly is.

The same movie critics who cooed over BvS to get their movie preview articles and Affleck/Cavill magazine covers queued up to turn their backs on BvS last week, and while there was much to criticise the few good points were thrown out with the bad. It stands that if BvS had been released before X2 (2003), The Dark Knight (2008), and Avengers Assemble (2012) it would have been received as the dawn of a new era in comic m ... Read more »

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Anatomy of a Disaster

At a cost of $110million dollars and with a construction time of 3 years and 4 months, the Glass Tower broke more than just the world’s tallest structure record. With the estimated budget closer to $180million many were left stupefied when Duncan Enterprise released their final estimated construction total five days before the buildings inauguration. With the company eyeing up the lucrative national urban renewal contract, some in the industry questioned whether such frugality was aimed directly at the government body chosen to award the contract. Yet it was still a mystery how the building came in so far under budget and seemingly completed to standard. On 14th December the naysayers got their answer.

The press conference at San Francisco City Hall on Wednesday morning gave a platform for Lead Fire Investigator Matthew Abb ... Read more »

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Stories From Inside The Glass Tower

The images of San Francisco’s newest temple to progress going up in flames are so powerful it’s hard to believe it has already been a month since the Glass Tower brought tragedy to the Union Square district of the City by the Bay.  In the four weeks since the disaster those involved have slowly begun to tell their stories, that valuable part of the grieving process when talking about events can ease just a little bit of the pain.

The press conference this past Wednesday afternoon drew more than just the usual faces from the city’s media outlets. That it was held at City Hall, just five blocks south west of the Tower, added extra melancholy to the proceedings. As if anyone might forget why they were there, the smell of smoke still lingered outside on the front steps. It was fitting to that the Arthur ... Read more »

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‘Skyscraper construction will never be the same again. Neither will San Francisco’

Four weeks on from the devastating fire that destroyed the world’s tallest skyscraper the Glass Tower, the death toll rose further yesterday with the passing of firefighter Ross Coleman. Coleman’s death at St. Mary’s Medical Centre takes the number of victims to over two hundred. News of another fatality prompted fresh comment from Duncan Enterprise’s Principal Architect Doug Roberts. Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle Roberts stated ‘It seems like a never ending tragedy right now. I think it’s safe to say skyscraper construction will never be the same again. Neither will San Francisco for that matter.’

Roberts’ comments follow a week of revelations that have seen victim’s families lay blame f ... Read more »

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I’m not one for jumping on bandwagons. In truth I’ve been a closet nerd for years now, enjoying the delights of X-Men, Star Wars, et Al in clandestine fashion at home. But as 21 Jump Street (2012) so sweetly pointed out, nerds no longer fear the mainstream, they are the mainstream. And in the last couple of years the public have been embracing this trend for in-vogue genre-fare wholeheartedly.

You can thank three entities for that; Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson and Marvel Studios. The quality of their Lord of the Rings, Batman, and Avengers movies was so undeniable, people no longer worried that wizard worship and caped crusader adulation would draw sniggers from the ‘cool’ crowd. In fact a lot of the Hollywood cool crowd were the ones up on the screen. And if someone as sophisticatedly hip as Robert Downey Jnr was on board, it was ok to like it.

... Read more »

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I know, I know; FilmsFilmsFilms was meant to be on a hiatus. It would take something monumental to stir us back into action. And this week the Academy offered up something truly shocking, even by their standards.

Most years the Oscars give someone or something the sort of cold shoulder treatment that raises a few eyebrows. In exceptional years the Academy really stirs the pot and gives two major snubs. But for the 2015 ceremony the Academy has excelled itself by flat out ignoring three of 2014's biggest and best movie happenings.

We’ve already championed Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar as one of the greatest films of all time( Its lack of Oscar nod ... Read more »

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"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you're uncool" offered the much missed Phillip Seymor Hoffman in Almost Famous (2000). And FilmsFilmsFilms has been seriously uncool for three years now. Back in April 2012 we offered up our first article as a riposte to modern movie reporting that had written itself into a discouraging corner. Three years on we've added 34 articles to our library designed to help you build your own great movie collection.

... Read more »

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There was a great irony in our household this week. As I opened the first Christmas card of the season and read its “peace and goodwill to one and all” message I couldn’t help but notice my visual backdrop, a Sky News story showing mercenary shoppers scrambling over cheap and cheaply made television sets like starving rats scrapping over a slice of diseased meat. In this season of benevolence and generosity it was behaviour as far removed from goodwill as it’s possible to get.

Starring at the TV, I couldn’t work out what was more shocking, the supermarket scrums or the fact that I wasn’t surprised. In varying degrees of intensity, its behaviour I’m now used to seeing on a daily basis, whether on the roads during the morning commute, or in the media news coverage of “religion told me to do it” human-on-human violence. Its behav ... Read more »

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Belated as always, this year’s FilmsFilmsFilms Halloween movie marathon was a romp through the vast swathe of horror film repeat offenders. And there’s nothing horror fans like more than getting offended, in a good way. With scary cinema offering up more re-treads than any other film genre we really were spoilt for choice.

The horror remake is almost as old as cinema itself, tracing its roots all the way back to Universal’s Dracula (1931) and its fresh take on F.W. Murnau’s Bram Stoker adaptation Nosferatu (1922). Our marathon didn’t head back as far as that though when it kicked off at 1pm, instead journeying back to 1982 for not just one of the best horror remakes ever, but one of the greatest movie remakes of all time, The Thing (1982).

John Carpenter was riding high in the early eighties, elevated by a numbe ... Read more »

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