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Given the slightly underwhelming reception Ridley Scott's long awaited Alien (1979) prequel has received, the director has spoken out to answer some of the Prometheus (2012) head-scratchers. Unfortunately, who tea-leafed the scares and wrote the cheesy dialogue were not questions that were knocked on the head. But speaking to Empire Magazine Scott did kick some of the other question marks into touch.
The main grey area tackled was the odd opening scene with the Engineer downing a pot of the black liquid; Scott called it "a donation. Its fundamentally creation". After downing the dark stuff the Engineer's DNA deconstructs and flows into the water. We can thus assume this creates life, our life. But the planet this happens on is not Earth.
However, Scott did confirm that ... Read more »
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I don't like musicals. The reason is two-fold. First, people bursting into song destroys storytelling. Nothing muddies and slows down the narrative like ten minutes of warbling, ambiguous lyrics clouding up character motivation so you're not sure what they're feeling, why and about whom. Second, despite being called "musicals" nearly all musicals purvey one type of music. There's no reggae, there's no hard rock, there's no trance, drum 'n' bass, acid jazz, folk or blues; there is only, what I call, Musical Music.

Approximating Musical Music is a bit tricky. Its not quite pop, is not quite classical. What it is is that music you hear piped into shopping malls up and down the country, knock-off versions of popular classics like Robbie Williams back catalogue, re-recorded by some bloke called As ... Read more »
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I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to see Ridley Scott's Prometheus (2012) at a special midnight screening on Thursday. As a movie fan whose two favourite films of all time remain Ridley Scott's Alien (1979) and James Cameron's Aliens (1986), Scott's return to the series was long awaited, particularly after the sorrow of Alien 3 (1992), AvP (2004) and the other assorted Alien themed crap. Like most fans I was expecting and hoping Prometheus (odd title aside) would lead nicely into Alien (1979) and tie up all the loose ends that had been hanging around for thirty three years. Where did the aliens come from, what was the space jockey and the large figure that sat in it, what happened to the "U" shaped ship on LV-426?
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...oh, we're going!
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If this recently released shot is anything to go buy, the upcoming Expendables 2 is going to be the greatest thing in the history of ever...
Arnie, Sly and Bruce....shooting the shit out of someone very, very privileged...
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January is a depressing time of the year. The shiny, food packed thrills of Christmas and New Years have deserted us, like a hard bodied lover disappearing into the morning half light after a great one night stand. Empty bank accounts and dieting are depressing replacements. February doesn't help much with only the enforced love-in of Valentine's Day to "look forward" to. In need of a cheap pick-me-up at the end of the month my sister Rachel and I decided to make the Saturday before payday our movie marathon day. Cheap crisps and booze in hand we chose to dive in the deep end; our first marathon would be The Lord of the Rings Trilogy at the end of February.
The LOTR Extended Marathon; a true journey
Not wishing to do things half-assed we plumped for the extended editions. Novices out there might think that thi ... Read more »
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With the Avengers movie fast approaching I’m scrambling to catch up on all the prequel films. I finally watched Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) this weekend; just Thor (2011) left to go. It was an enjoyable comic romp, if a little hurried (packing an origin story, a global menace and an inevitable jump to 2012 into two rushed hours). The question that really distracted me throughout though was why is the Human Torch now pretending to be Captain America?
Chris Evans is a good actor. His Johnny Storm/Human Torch was the highlight of The Fantastic Four (2005), cocky but still funny and likeable. His Captain America was decent to, if a little more youthful than I pictured the Captain being. But why get the same actor to play two iconic Marvel superheroes? Hollywood is littered with talented performers who have the requisite chops and pecs to don Cap’s costume. Choosing one who fans already associate with another Marvel ... Read more »
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The Annual Academy Awards Ceremony, bastion of the motion picture, upholder of all that is sacred and sacrosanct on the big screen. A shining beacon fracturing a mire of grim movie offerings with a beam of artistic integrity that guides the weary cinema goers to the sanctuary of filmic highs. It is a ceremony so hallowed us mere mortals can only get close to the proceedings if we are a news reporter with super human arse-lickery skills or we are willing to sleep outside a theatre for a month. Ugly people need not apply.
What started as a private luncheon for a couple of hundred people in 1929 has now become a global event of obscene proportions. Forty million people tuned in to watch the ceremony in 2012, which is almost the entire population of Britain. Forty million arses numbed by three and a half hours of back slapping the sound of which could be heard on the moon. The exact date at which the Awards started to disappear up its own rear is unknown but some su ... Read more »
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