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One of the few things that compares to my love of movies is my love of music. Like films I embrace all genres, the classic sounds of Zeppelin, Floyd and Springsteen, the pure pop of New Order and Madonna, the funk of Prince and RHCP, the hard rock of Foo Fighters, and the lesser known delights of Buckwheat Zydeco, John Butler Trio and Ladyhawke. But one of my biggest passions is dance music, and for the last three years there’s has been an event in Kent that has combined the energy of dancefloor fillers with the fun of Halloween. Welcome to Bedlam.
Modern dance music has been around for decades now, since the early 1970’s when New York underground dance music mutated into disco. In the UK dance music reached its commercial peak in 1999, when house and trance music reached a receptive audience. The Ibiza soundtrack had infiltrated everything, from fashion and magazines, to advertisin ... Read more »
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It’s that special time of year again. For the film fan October 31st is the best holiday in the calendar, an excuse to spend an evening or two soaking up the finest scary movies from Nosferatu (1922) to Paranormal Activity (2007) and gorging on the finest film snackage available to man or beast.
Here at Films Films Films we’ll be making the most of the season with a series of horrifying articles celebrating the best of All Hallows Eve themed cinema. Here’s just a taste of the upcoming delights:
- A new article for the Films Films Films Library, the ten best movies for Halloween
- A fright filled look at Hemlock Books, the UK’s number one purveyor of scary cinematic literature
- A report from the third annual Bedlam Hal ... Read more »
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A long, long time ago, I can still remember how those movies use to make me smile. Well, it wasn’t that long ago; thirteen years to be exact. I was eighteen years old when American Pie (1999) was released, the same age as Jim, Stifler and the rest of the East Great Falls High School class of ‘99. As such I almost felt part of the gang. It was the American equivalent of my own last days of secondary school, only it looked a lot more fun. With American Reunion (2012) gathering the full cast back together after a ten-year hiatus, there was no better time to undertake an American Pie movie marathon and revisit with my fellow thirty somethings to see if their lives had panned out any better or worse than mine.
At three o’clock on the dot we slotted the first movie, Paul Weitz’s American Pie into the dvd player and settled in for a walk down me ... Read more »
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To celebrate 007’s fifty years in cinema and the release of the twenty third Bond outing Skyfall (2012) FilmsFilmsFilms is giving away a copy of "Best of Bond...James Bond 50 Years – 50 Tracks”. This wonderful two CD set contains all of the Bond theme songs up to Quantum of Solace (2008) on its first disc, and throws in twenty seven of the best instrumental themes from across the entire Bond series on disc two. For a chance to win this great double set, read on.
On the 5th October James Bond reached the half century mark, with the fifty year anniversary of the release of the first 007 picture Dr. No (1962). Despite the dubious title, Terence Young’s film launched the greatest action franchise of all time. With twenty three movies to pour over FilmsFilmsFilms now provides their pick of the best Bondi ... Read more »
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A problem that a lot of movies suffer from is age. The Exorcist (1973) may be a classic but it’s nowhere near as shocking as it was back when religious sensibilities were still strong. Brief Encounter (1945) still stands as top-notch filmmaking but its nowhere near as gripping today where affairs and loose morals are common place. For some films growing old is a blessing, the characteristics of the time they were made increasing their appeal; think Sunset Boulevard (1950) for its fifties glamour or Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) for its sixties chic. Then there are those really rare movies that don’t age at all. Standing coolly in the middle of this selective club is James Bond 007.
Its 50 years to the day since England's number one secret agent first appeared on the big screen in Terence ... Read more »
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Our third movie marathon and we seem to be going backwards. Our first marathon was the six part LOTR journey, whilst our second was the five film X-Men trek. For our third expedition we were tackling just four films, the Pirates of the Caribbean series. Was our movie viewing fortitude sinking to the depths?
Our voyage set sail with Gore Verbinski’s 2003 surprise hit. It was a genuine shock at the time that a movie based on a theme park ride which looked to follow closely in the footsteps of super flop Cutthroat Island (1995) turned out to be such a good film. The success was due in large part to Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush’s wonderfully camp theatrics. Disney execs thought Depp was drunk when they first viewed his Jack Sparrow test footage. Thank the movie Gods that Verbinski convinced ... Read more »
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Always fancied getting up close and personal with your favourite movie character's togs? Then get yourself down to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for their newest exhibition. Titled "Hollywood Costume" and running from 20th October 2012 to 27th January 2013, the exhibition will be displaying more than 100 iconic movie outfits.
Included in the exhibition will be Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow get up, Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones togs, Audrey Hepburn's Holly Golightly gear and Marilyn Monroe's Sugar Kane Kowalczyk outfit. There will also be some "on camera" case studies involving Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep around costume and character creation. For the movie going super fan this really is a display not to be missed.
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When I'm lucky enough to get away for a beach holiday I like to completely switch off. Laptops, Sky TV and Sunday roasts are left at home, swapped for two weeks of foreign cuisine and clear blue water. I make two concessions; the occasional full English breakfast and a once a week check on the news headlines. So it was last week I found out about the passing of Michael Clarke Duncan at a dusty PC in Corfu.
That evening my wife and I raised a glass of Ouzo in memory of an actor who managed to become one of Hollywood's most recognisable and beloved characters. Like director Tony Scott just a few weeks ago Clarke Duncan didn't worry about high brow accolades. The former LA bodyguard aimed for loftier heights, crafting entertaining and memorable characters. The actor knew his physical presence (6ft 5in) was his calling card bu ... Read more »
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It took a full month to recover from our first movie marathon, the staggering journey that was all three extended Lord of the Rings movies. By the end of March though we were ready for round two (a slight delay in this report, obviously!). For part two we were going x-rated.
The LOTR extended editions are essentially six films, with all three parts split down the middle to create separate two hour movies. Our X-Men movie marathon would be a slightly easier prospect then, just five films encompassing all the X-Movies released to date, X-Men (2000), X2 (2003), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and X-Men: First Class (2011). One of the best aspects of the LOTR marathon was seeing Peter Jackson's vision moulded into one long story. We opted to recreate the magic by watching t ... Read more »
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We won't pour over the details here; its not appropriate and no doubt our predatory media will see to that. Two things have to be said though; our thoughts go out to the Scott family, and the movie world has lost a great filmmaker.

When you look down the list of Tony Scott's movies you don't come across a long list of Oscar winners. What you find is something more important than that; a long line of films that thrilled audiences from start to finish. Who cares about high-brow accolades when films are this entertaining. Sure, Top Gun (1986) is as cheesy as they come but it'll never bore you. The Last Boy Scout (1991) will strain plausability but you'll never get to the end and wish you'd watched something else. Tony Scott knew how to make the most entertaining of movies.

So pay tribute to the man this week by popping a Tony Scott ... Read more »
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