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Main » 2013 » February » 11 » 20th Century Fox Pisses Over Die Hard Franchise
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20th Century Fox Pisses Over Die Hard Franchise
During one of my recent rants on the advent of the awards season in cinema I laid out the harsh relationship between movie studios and film fans. Studios just want the money in our pockets, by hook or by crook. And I can deal with that in the main, providing they aren't too blatant about it. By with the release of the fifth instalment in the Die Hard franchise 20th Century Fox have given two fingers to UK movie fans in their desparate clamour to claim our cash.
In the United States the MPAA have given John Moore's A Good Day To Die Hard (2013) the equivalent of a "15" rating, and given the slide in acceptable movie violence since John McClane's first outing that's probably about right. If John McTiernan released Die Hard (1988) today it would no doubt get the same rating. But Fox have decided they can squeeze more gold from the juicy tits of Die Hard 5 here in the UK by cutting more scenes out of it and going for a lower "12A" rating.
I can picture the Fox board meeting; just think of all those dumbass ten year olds who are waiting to throw their pocket money at the latest octane fest. If we cut some of the violence they can pester their folks to the verge of a parental beating to go see the film, thus garnering much more lovely, sexy cash. What Fox did was approach the BBFC and ask what scenes needed to be cut in order to achieve their "12A" rating. The BBFC then returned with a list of cuts and slashes, including the removal of McClane's utterance of the infamous "Yippe-kie-yay motherfucker" line. As any Die Hard fan will tell you, an outing without that catchphrase is about as pointless as a Scream film where no one dies, a David Lynch movie that makes sense, and a Denise Richards flick where she keeps her clothes on.
So my response to this blatant money grubbing? 20th Century Fox can go shove their well laid film up their well laid collective ass; this is one viewers money they won't be getting hold of. Releasing an inferior product just so they can bleed the recession battered public of more money is about as low as a film studio can sink.
And the likes of Odeon and Cineworld wonder why people aren't bothering with the cinema anymore. Thanks to Fox, here's one more reason to stay at home. I won't even bother buying it on DVD when the inevitable "Full Uncut" edition gets released in a few months time. Frankly, this feels like one of the few times downloading the movie from an "alternative source" seems wholly justified.
So I urge you film fans, don't bother with Die Hard 5. Go give your money to a film studio that isn't trying to bend you over and lift your wallet.
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