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The competition was tough, the entries were bold, but the grand prize has been claimed and the 50 Years of Bond double CD set goes to Chris Woollet from Milton Keynes. Here are his winning choices:
Best Bond – It has to be Connery and it’s got nothing to do with being the first. Michael Keaton was the first big-screen Batman, but it doesn’t mean he’s the best. Sean is number one because when you add up all the aspects of Bond’s persona he comes out on top. Best at delivering the payoff lines, most suave, best in a fight, deadliest with the Walther, best at wooing the ladies, he tops all the lists.
Best Bond Girl – For years I thought that Carole Bouquet from For Your Eyes Only (1981) was born a man. We all heard the rumours, ... Read more »
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Like a news laden Star Destroyer, if you move in movie circles you probably haven’t been able to avoid this week’s big story; George Lucas has flogged the Star Wars empire to Disney, who purchased Lucasfilm this week for an eye-watering $4billion. The media never credits the general public with much intelligence and were set to run with stories of angry fanboys burning Mickey Mouse effigies. But once again us film fans have proved the newsmakers wrong. We’re not as dumb as they think we are.
Star Wars isn’t the sacred cow it once was. The three prequel movies smashed the whole franchise from atop its pedestal and Lord of the Rings ran off with most of the pieces. The disappointment at the time was palpable but thirteen years on from the shiny CGI turd that was The Phantom Menace (1999) this is no bad t ... Read more »
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