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With the Avengers movie fast approaching I’m scrambling to catch up on all the prequel films. I finally watched Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) this weekend; just Thor (2011) left to go. It was an enjoyable comic romp, if a little hurried (packing an origin story, a global menace and an inevitable jump to 2012 into two rushed hours). The question that really distracted me throughout though was why is the Human Torch now pretending to be Captain America?
Chris Evans is a good actor. His Johnny Storm/Human Torch was the highlight of The Fantastic Four (2005), cocky but still funny and likeable. His Captain America was decent to, if a little more youthful than I pictured the Captain being. But why get the same actor to play two iconic Marvel superheroes? Hollywood is littered with talented performers who have the requisite chops and pecs to don Cap’s costume. Choosing one who fans already associate with another Marvel ... Read more »
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The Annual Academy Awards Ceremony, bastion of the motion picture, upholder of all that is sacred and sacrosanct on the big screen. A shining beacon fracturing a mire of grim movie offerings with a beam of artistic integrity that guides the weary cinema goers to the sanctuary of filmic highs. It is a ceremony so hallowed us mere mortals can only get close to the proceedings if we are a news reporter with super human arse-lickery skills or we are willing to sleep outside a theatre for a month. Ugly people need not apply.
What started as a private luncheon for a couple of hundred people in 1929 has now become a global event of obscene proportions. Forty million people tuned in to watch the ceremony in 2012, which is almost the entire population of Britain. Forty million arses numbed by three and a half hours of back slapping the sound of which could be heard on the moon. The exact date at which the Awards started to disappear up its own rear is unknown but some su ... Read more »
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