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In 2012 FilmsFilmsFilms was launched as an easy to read advert free website designed to recommend good movies for film fans to watch. There would be no political bias, no paid-for promotional push, no social axe to grind; we’d simply put forward the ten best films from a particular genre for readers to watch or add to their collection.

A lot has changed in the movie industry in the past ten years, and a lot has changed at FilmsFilmsFilms in the past decade to. Sadly, due to competing writing priorities FilmsFilmsFilms will be posting its last article today. It has been a fun decade sharing movie thoughts and shining a light on films which deserve highlighting.

Even more sadly, we leave the movie world in a precarious position. Cinemas were not in a great place in early 2020, with home streaming services starting to bite in to theatre’s share of movie fans money. And then COVID came along. Having to shut their doors on-and-off for a two year peri ... Read more »

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There wasn't much of a story to computer games back in the day. Sure you could layer your own imagined narrative over the top of Space Invaders or Pacman, but there was only so far even the most creative mind could take a plot centred around such basic visuals.

The march of technology is never ending though, and soon gaming earned the tools to be able to tell stories that were just as rich and rewarding as watching movies or reading books. Travel with wild west anti-hero Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 or journey with Joel and Ellie in The Last Of Us, and you'll know for sure that console gaming in the twenty-first century really can match the emotional punch of movies. 

With that in mind FilmsFilmsFilms welcomes its sister website, GamesGamesGames - ... Read more »

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Everyone here at Filmsfilmsfilms was saddened to learn of the recent passing of Tristian C, 29. As a movie fan, Tristian was one of the keenest supporters of the slasher horror film sub-genre and often bestowed the virtues of many a lost slasher classic. A familiar name to those in slasher movie fandom circles, Tristian's all time favourite slasher, The Slumber Party Massacre (1982), is an underappreciated gem and even more rare than that, was one of the few slashers from the golden age to have a female writer and director. 

Tristian recently took part in the Films Films And Me interview segment for this website and his article we remain as a tribute to his enthusiasm for film and cinema -

Filmsfilmsfilms also pays tribute to podcaster Johnny Krueg who passed away this week. One of t ... Read more »

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There hasn't been much to get excited about in the last year, but one thing to embrace is the sudden abundance of free time. With lockdowns on and off, and COVID rules insisting that we only travel if its essential, there isn't much to do other than enjoy what we have available to us in our own homes. With Netflix and Amazon Prime exhausted of all their watchable content, what to do now?

What better time is there than to put your feet up and get lost in a good book. A comfy chair, a cup of tea, a small plate of biscuits, and a solid page turner and there can be no better way to spend an afternoon. And if you're in need of a solid thriller, FilmsFilmsFilms has the perfect read.

Our own editor David Tappenden has just seen the release of his first novel, Black Knife, and it is the very epitome of a fast paced, must-read-the-next-chapter, th ... Read more »

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Flying is a miserable way to travel. Airports are stale, functional places, where the only way of killing time is to stand and queue, sit on uncomfortable metal chairs, or pray to the gate update boards that your flight isn't delayed. Then its on to the departure lounge where you have to sit with all those pushy morons who think the quicker they get on the plane, the better seat they'll get and the sooner they'll get to their destination.

The flight itself features temperatures too hot on the tarmac and too cold in the air, hours of someone's kid crying or kicking the back of your chair, the guys who think the flight is an extension of their airport Wetherspoons bender and who pester the stewards for more free booze, cramped seating, the person next to you too fat for their own chair spilling sweaty flesh on to you, a tiny toilet you h ... Read more »

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It takes a monumental event to alter the pace of change. With the advent of streaming services and improvements in home viewing equipment, cinema business in the UK was on slightly rocky ground even before COVID-19. Odeon, Cineworld, and Vue managed to weather the full lockdown earlier in the year, but the much needed return to normal business hasn't materialised, and this week UK cinema's big hope for 2020 walked away to.

It was expected that one of the biggest films of the year would be Daniel Craig's last Bond instalment No Time To Die (2020). Despite its bland trailer, anticipation for the film was still high. Full lockdown saw its release date moved from April to October 2020, and as Autumn arrived cinema chains were hopeful that Bond would come to the rescue and start pulling in much needed punters, even with social distancing still in place. < ... Read more »

Views: 380 | Added by: Dave | Date: 2020-10-06 | Comments (0)

Part six in our Films Films and Me series and it’s our own editor David T from Kent revealing his movie choices.

1. The First Film I Saw At The Cinema

Peter Pan (1953) the classic Disney animation got a re-release in the mid-eighties and my parents took my sister and me to see it.  I have vague recollections of sitting in a big dark room wi ... Read more »

Views: 551 | Added by: Dave | Date: 2020-04-18 | Comments (0)

World changing moments come along once or twice in a lifetime. As the effects of the corona virus now go global it marks the second such moment I’ve experienced in my thirty-nine years. Like 9/11, the Cuba Missile Crisis, and World War Two, the pages of history will be forever scribed with a before and after corona marker.

Unlike previous events though, unless you’ve visited a supermarket or hospital in the last two weeks you’d be forgiven for wondering what exactly has changed. Walking to work, sitting in the office, heading out for jogs, everything seems the same as it was a month ago when most of us still thought corona was something you put a wedge o ... Read more »

Views: 532 | Added by: Dave | Date: 2020-03-19 | Comments (0)

Part Five in our Films Films & Me series and Tristian C from Arkansas takes us through the key films from his years of movie viewing. 

1. The First Film I Saw At The Cinema

Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (2000) was my first. I was eight and went with my mom. I don't remember much more except that I was big on the Rugrats back in those days.

2. The Funniest Film I’ve Seen

I would have to say Evil Laugh (1986). The dance montage and Johnny's line "Kill Connie! She's upstairs!" still get me.

3.  The Scariest Film I’ve Seen

Tourist Trap (1979). I first saw this movie at the age of nine and didn't know what to think. To this day, Chuck Connors' performance as the killer and the laughing/shrieking mannequins ... Read more »

Views: 628 | Added by: Dave | Date: 2020-02-26 | Comments (0)

One of the things that has always infuriated me are people who haven’t read, seen, or heard something, yet declare it to be rubbish. “I haven’t heard the album yet but I think it should be banned … yeah, I’ve not read the book but no way should it win the Booker prize … I’ve not seen that film but I know its complete shite”. If you’ve seen a film, you can have an opinion on it; if you haven’t, keep your mouth shut until you have.

I suspect the job of President of the United States is a busy one. With a country of 323million people to look after there isn’t time for frivolous things like updating your Twitter feed or watching films. That doesn’t stop the current President declaring the recent Best Picture Oscar winner Parasite (2019) to be an unworthy watch though. At a recent Trump rally the Presiden ... Read more »

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